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Hyun-woo Nam(Eugene) is a Korean graphic desinger currently based on Glasgow, UK

through his gaze on surrounding, questioning the value of everyday life and try to find new value in it.

Email: graphiceugene@gmail.com

+44 07754715928

Instagram: instagram.com/eugene_0219

© 2019 by Hyun-Woo Nam

This project aims to help visitors in the Manchester Art Gallery to appreciate effectively, and not just as a place where the gallery provides an experience that is limited only to an appreciation of works, but to build a place of social and cultural centred communities.

Objectives include research on how the MAG plays a role in the city, and how this place provides visitors with a more effective interpretation experience. As an art student(as an artist), our role is not to give a specific answer to the appreciation of artwork but to show the process of investigation, and strategies for interpretation.

And to induce correct interpretation, our role was to study the possibilities of what the museum can do to the visitor and to study how to direct the direction correctly.

I took on the role of Makers, and the main task was to make the project idea into reality. Makers' objectives were pre-research to create an effective interactive tool, selection of the right and suitable material, and planning for an effective production process.

Project Titile : Scramble bag
Lead Tutor : Dena Bagi
Project Manager : Danny Orwin
Evaluate : Harriet Battersby
Communicator : Rebecca Rustigini, Patrycja Zofia Marczewska
Makers : Maria Glick, Hyun Woo Nam, Sheng Chenni, Ting Shuan
Designer : George Sarell

03. 2018 - 08. 2018