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Hyun-woo Nam(Eugene) is a Korean graphic desinger currently based on Glasgow, UK

through his gaze on surrounding, questioning the value of everyday life and try to find new value in it.

Email: graphiceugene@gmail.com

+44 07754715928

Instagram: instagram.com/eugene_0219

© 2019 by Hyun-Woo Nam

Every one can imagine visual images when they are listening to music. When I listen to music, I can be reminded of the time when I heard the songs and the mood-related to it. Likewise, I have always desired to visualize the abstract inner-image into concrete images. I thought that I can share my feelings and thoughts with others by expressing them visually.

While I was searching for various kinds of media, I thought that music and photographs are the tools reminding us of the memories we have in common. Also, People keep their valuable memories in visualized form like a photograph. Therefore, I thought that film has properties which remind people of their memories in common with the photograph.

Music Info
#7 Love is A Song
Artist : DJ soulscape(박민준)
Album : Lovers
Release : 2003. 8. 13