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Hyun-woo Nam(Eugene) is a Korean graphic desinger currently based on Glasgow, UK

through his gaze on surrounding, questioning the value of everyday life and try to find new value in it.

Email: graphiceugene@gmail.com

+44 07754715928

Instagram: instagram.com/eugene_0219

© 2019 by Hyun-Woo Nam
Dreamin boy - FallingDreamin boy

Dreamin boy is an Illustration zine about dreaming and re-interpret old tale book 'Alice's adventure in Wonderland' into a contemporary way.

So I made several illustrations of dreams and event that happened in the dream.

illustrated, designed by
Eugene Nam

vol.1 Follow down the pigeon
vol.2 The pool of the tea
vol.3 The echo chamber
vol.4 Walk along the gimmick

Stock list
London: Magma, Gosh Comics, BookArtbook Shop
Manchester: Magma
Glasgow: Good press, Aye-Aye Books
Stockport: Raremags


Dreamin boy Vol.1
Follow down the pigeon
(Drag and Zoom for detail)


Dreamin boy Vol.2
The pool of the tea
(Drag and Zoom for detail)


Dreamin boy Vol.3
The echo chamber
(Drag and Zoom for detail)

Dreamin boy Vol.4
Walk along the gimmick
(Drag and Zoom for detail)