My name is Eugene :)


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Hyun-woo Nam(Eugene) is a Korean graphic desinger currently based on Glasgow, UK

through his gaze on surrounding, questioning the value of everyday life and try to find new value in it.

Email: graphiceugene@gmail.com

+44 07754715928

Instagram: instagram.com/eugene_0219

© 2019 by Hyun-Woo Nam

The city generates its message itself.
The constituents that compose the city produce their own stories in the city, and designers should observe the city by using their own body as a tool of research.

As I looked at every surface of the city as living animals and organism, I recognized that everything could be poetic surface, even if it was not just created with words or text. The city has a lot of faces and hides in every place in the city.

So I walked around the city similar to playing childhood hide and seek to find those. Travelling through several cities in the UK, I was able to find interesting things in cities.

I was convinced that we could look at the city from different points with a very trivial change of perspective. In the way of showing it, it was possible to utilize the medium of daily life to reach the audience more efficiently, and to expand it to the individual experience, so that it could be developed into a more meaningful for the audience.

Manchester School of Art
MA Show 2018 (21 Sep - 1 Oct)